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Artistic residency with Maison Diaphane

It was all set. The cameras were full of battery.
I could hear the kids, the steps in the corridor, the knock on the door and again the kids, their chats, their laughs.
I could feel their sorrow, their joy, their excitement, and mine was pretty much alive too!
Today, we quit. We wont see each other.
I wont hear their laughs, happy chats, jokes or complains.
The path we shared together will be visible with our photo show starting from june 9.

« Free yourself Laure, even more than that ». So I didnt let pass a single evening or week-end without going out walking, taking pictures, meeting people, making new friends, drinking beers as well as hot water with limon. Feeling the wind on my face, protecting the camera from the water, finally putting sun cream. I went deeper and deeper in the forest, in the villages.
Getting my head into it. Diving.
Artistic residency with Maison Diaphane – Territoire Clermontois part2

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