laure maugeais


• Laure Maugeais (b.1980 in Quimper, Finistere, Brittany, France)  • Professional photographer, artist - Siret 533 711 933 
• Art director of SHOOT! quinzaine photographique 
• Based in Chamonix Mont Blanc (France) 
• Her work focuses mainly on the concepts of identity and territory and how they mirror each others 
• Masterclass with Diana Lui – 6 months training : the art of centering your eye 
• Workshops with Diana Lui, Klavdij Sluban, Jacques Cousin, Marie-Noëlle Leroy  
• Trained in the bases of bookbinding with Estelle Dorizon
• Master in Anthropology - Bachelor in Documentary film - Master in cultural management (Unesco/Belgrade, Serbia)- Master in pedagogy and education 
• She created an ngo which pilots projects of image education and photographic creation in a rural area: Image Temps. 
• She built and developped a program of visual education for the museum Maison de la Mémoire et du Patrimoine - Chamonix -FR 
• Jury for Belgrade Photo Month, Mentor price freelens
• Portfolio reviewer    
//// contact +33(0)6 15 53 45 91 - //// 


2017 Morocco, a breath, Nuits photographiques d'Essaouira, Morocco The fold, Nîmes (France) Le Lac gelé gallery 2016 At the edge of you, Montmelian (France) collective screenshow, the Montmelian Photo Festival The fold, Chamonix Mont Blanc (France) , base camp 1970m high 2015 Des clics et des classes (France), collective exhibition, Rencontres d'Arles, France The fold, Namur (Belgium) collective exhibition, Expolaroid The fold, St Jorioz (France), exhibition at Festival Les Apartés Kosovo-Mue, Belgrade (Serbia), Inex gallery, personal exhibition , installation sound/photo 2014 At the edge of you, Lyon (France), exhibition at Itinérances Photo Docks Art Fair Snowed in , Montélimar (France), screenshow at Présence(s) festival de photographie d’auteur Snowed in, Castelfranc (France), exhibition at Rencontres Photographiques Kosovo-Mue, Trouville (France), exhibition at 8th Printemps Balkanique 2013 Snowed in, Pierrevert (France) screenshow Nuits Photographiques 2012 Kosovo-Mue, Genève (Swiss), screenshow at Gallery L art contemporain, OpenShow Kosovo-Mue, Namur (Belgium), screenshow at Aspëkt Live, House of Culture 2011 Kosovo-Mue, Sète, screenshow at OffSète Images-documentaires Voyage ou conversation, Châteaulin, Bibliothèque municipale, personal exhibition 2010 Inch allah les Balkans, Guidel, screenshow at Nuit de la photo aurOres, Chamonix, Insted (installation) 2009 Voyage ou conversation Paris, personal exhibition, Maison d’Europe et d’Orient 2008 Voyage ou conversation, personal exhibition, NoviSad (Serbia), Centre Culturel Français show for the European Night of the Museums 2006 En marche- Duke Ecur, personal exhibition, Pristina (Kosovo), ODA theater (installation video/sound) 2005 Passage(s), Montpellier, Cinema Diagonal - bourse CapJeune 34, personal exhibition Passage(s), Châteaulin, Lycée St Louis (workshop with students)

RESIDENCIES and WORKSHOPS 2018 - Workshop with Blick - professional highschool 2017 - Residency "du geste à l'image" with Image Temps 2016-2017 - Invited artist by DIAPHANE Picardie : residency for La photo bat la campagne 2016-2017 - Invited artist at the college FrisonRoche, Chamonix (74) 2016 - Residency for the "communauté de communes Chamonix Valley" - primary schools 2015-2017 - Residency at the Maison de la Mémoire et du Patrimoine, Chamonix(74) 2016 - Residency at the school J.Balmat Chamonix (74) 2014-2015 - Residency at the primary school Les Houches (74) in partnership with la Maison de la Mémoire et du Patrimoine and Image Temps 2015 - Residency: des Clics et des Classes, primary school Argentière (74) with Les Rencontres d'Arles, Canopé, Image Temps 2012-2014 - Participant photographer at Maison de la Mémoire et du Patrimoine - Chamonix (74) 2013 - Workshops - Pristina, Mitrovica, Kosovo - with the french embassy, Alliance française, Image Temps 2006-2008 - Workshops french teachers "practice photography to indroduce a project in your classroom" - during a summer program of training

EDITION Le pli- the book , available at the photo department of the Chamonix valley archives RENE - the book , available at the Tipibook shop in Brussels BOOK n°2 - Sarmad magazine collaboration with the serie René Anecdote(s) - the book, available for consultation at the museum Maison de la Mémoire et du Patrimoine, Chamonix Mont Blanc Kosovo - the book Article - "Photographies touristiques et artistiques au Maroc" for the collective book "La photographie au Maghreb : Enjeux symboliques et créations artistiques" in cooperation with the University Cadi Ayyad Marrakech - Morocco written with Thibault Danteur (sociologist) and Moulay M’hamed Saâd (photographer


Permanent collection of the photo departement of the Chamonix valley Archives Private art collections LECTURES  

2018  For "La petite université" - Chamonix Fr - "A story of photography"

2014 - 2015 University of Geneva, Swiss, "The Swiss Photography" lectures for summer cycles