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current researches...

current researches..

RENE the book has been choosen by the fantastic Tipi Bookshop in Brussels (Belgium), the shop will present it to a larger public at Polycopies event during Paris Photo. I am soooooooooo glad. What an emotion to see this work about my father having such a life, it is touching.

Meanwhile, I am glad to share also this great publication in the amazing magazine Heliotrope

Thank you very much, to all of you, for following my work, this help me a lot to keep confidence and to have faith in what i do and want to achieve. I feel blessed.

The notebook, RENE, is ready

19x15 cm - hand-made - red seam as the bloodline - 18 copies

a notebook

an initiation into the travel - a mother and her child
a fourhanded note book: draws and polaroids telling our trip

/// New publication ///

RENE is out today in analog magazine

This serie will take shape of a handmade notebook, it will be out in septembre, stay tuned.

current researches..

René, the photographic story related to my father is in the Eye Of the Photography

A deep emotion.
Thank you.

The book "anecdotes" result of the 9 months residency in the school of the village Les Houches -FR (74) is OUT! hand made - 16x15cm -

In 2014, the rythm for the pupils in France has changed. In some schools, teachers and municipalities had succeeded to organize some period of time dedicated to culture, sport etc. In that path, I have been invited to spend a complete year in a school, once a week i was visiting the kids (from 8 to 10 years old) and we were doing photography.

One year of artistic residency in the village of Les Houches to let the kids discover the medium of photography (they participated to the photo festival SHOOT!) to create project, to make their own pattern and appropriation of the writing...

> New rythm in school, new calendar, a door open to another approach of the school. Anecdotes... A handmade book will follow, with the pictures of the kids, the words of Dorothy Shoes and my love.

> A look put on the landscape and the place of the human in it... Today an attractive stroll of images in very large format in the village.

A very deep and rich experience on the human plan of course but also in the creative aspect. I've learn A LOT from the children... I am sooooo glad!

  • This project is the fruit of a cooperation between: Municipality of Les Houches, the periscolar center of the school, the museum Maison de la Mémoire, the Archives of Chamonix and Image Temps