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work in progress

I am leaving during the night to reach the other side.

It is my 4th travel there. Last time I went far south, this time i am going up hill.

Morocco is the window I need and needed.


entre les lignes

Se baigner

dans la douceur de l'absence. "

Abdellatif Laabi

- photographic residency self-financed  -

As part of the residency, I've just finished a cycle of workshops with very very young children. They are 4-5 years! We met once a week at the kindergarten for 1h30. Each of us had a moleskine notebook in which we pasted the pictures we took, just like the pro do! We discovered basic techniques. It was ... a lot of fun !!!

current researches...

current researches..

RENE the book has been choosen by the fantastic Tipi Bookshop in Brussels (Belgium), the shop will present it to a larger public at Polycopies event during Paris Photo. I am soooooooooo glad. What an emotion to see this work about my father having such a life, it is touching.

Meanwhile, I am glad to share also this great publication in the amazing magazine Heliotrope

Thank you very much, to all of you, for following my work, this help me a lot to keep confidence and to have faith in what i do and want to achieve. I feel blessed.

The notebook, RENE, is ready

19x15 cm - hand-made - red seam as the bloodline - 18 copies

a notebook

an initiation into the travel - a mother and her child
a fourhanded note book: draws and polaroids telling our trip

/// New publication ///

RENE is out today in analog magazine

This serie will take shape of a handmade notebook, it will be out in septembre, stay tuned.

current researches..