laure maugeais

-To question our comfort zones, part 1 -
I have started a residency in the country side located in the Chamonix Mont Blanc valley. I work for a month with 3 groups of children on the concept of territory and landscape. With the first group, after a talk we agreed that the game develops the imagination. It permits to get into some other "worlds". So we decided to create images on that conclusion. We had to push our limits, to explore, you can see that progression in our photographs.
The kids, who are 7 and 8 years old, are quite well organized, they have a notebook for the organisation of the shooting... wow, that's AMAZING !

I am super lucky!!

This project is supported by the "Contrat Enfance Jeunesse" Chamonix Valley and Image Temps -

postcard 05 - from Amtrak Zephyr ... going along Mississippi Colorado and so...

a postcard from Amtrak Zephyr train

postcard 04 - from Amtrak Capitol Limited - Washington to Chicago
a postcard from Amtrak Limited Capitol -DC to Chicago-

postcard 03 - from Washington DC

(from our family trip Coast to coast- dont follow tracks, create your owns)

a postcard from washington DC

postcard 02 - from ConeyIsland

(from our family trip Coast to coast- dont follow tracks, create your owns)


postcards 00 + 01 - from NYC - US

(family trip - dont follow tracks, create your owns)

a postcard from New York City
a postcard from chinatown NYC

Le Pli is now in the photographic collections of the Chamonix Mont Blanc Archives and historical phototheque !!

so blessed, thank you very much!

The book LE PLI is ready, what a step for this project which is totally handmade: harcover coming with an elastic, once took off, the folding book "Le Pli" is opening up to you!!
40€ + shipping
See more infos HERE

In these photos, the gigantic mountains become tiny in front of the human looking at them. He could almost dominate them. Their link is inverted. Their differences unfold and sometimes make withdraw each themselves of the parts, and, the inhabitants between them too, there are those from "here" and the others.

very glad to see René featured on the Camera selection

My little book René is now available at TipiBook shop in Belgium, very proud!

Thank you Andrea.