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Second year of the "Periscol'art project"! Back to school, meet up with friends again, the holidays are done, but Image Temps and the communaute de communes of Chamonix valley have set up a photo project for the kids from 7 to 10 years old. The theme choosen for 2017 is "the difference". What a wide proposal!
Here we are, once again, to question our comfort zone. The residency starts here for me!
Four groups of children are involved in the project, each brings his own view. One of them decided to see the difference between today and yesterday. So they worked with and on historical photos, they integrated them on the contemporary ones they shot. How amazing is that!

An exhibition "flash"!! Saturday july 1st in Paris with Beware at La Bellevilloise more infos here -
Morocco, a breath

Image Temps set up a program of residency in 2016/2017 in Haute Savoie: "Du geste à l'Image". Many children have been involved into, from 3 to 14 years old, from Sallanches to Chamonix, from "maternelles to collège", kids to teenagers....
Some exemples.... Here, few teenagers have been working on the concept of identity, associating choosen objects with their portrait. The black and white photograms represent a collection of what the teens have been, are and could be. The timelaps has been presented during the Night of the museums in may.
8 years old kids were working on a project name "the lights". So we have been looking at the use, impact, consequences of the light while doing a portrait.

Un portrait réalisé dans le cadre de ma résidence chez Diaphane en Picardie.
Jean-Claude dit Maitre Pluchard se présente comme anarchiste, poète et joueur de pétanque. Entre nous, une grande amitié est née.

It was all set. The cameras were full of battery.
I could hear the kids, the steps in the corridor, the knock on the door and again the kids, their chats, their laughs.
I could feel their sorrow, their joy, their excitement, and mine was pretty much alive too!
Today, we quit. We wont see each other.
I wont hear their laughs, happy chats, jokes or complains.
The path we shared together will be visible with our photo show starting from june 9.

"Free yourself Laure, even more than that". So I didnt let pass a single evening or week-end without going out walking, taking pictures, meeting people, making new friends, drinking beers as well as hot water with limon. Feeling the wind on my face, protecting the camera from the water, finally putting sun cream. I went deeper and deeper in the forest, in the villages.
Getting my head into it. Diving.
Artistic residency with Maison Diaphane - Territoire Clermontois part2

A picture from the road to Picardie (France) where I am greeted in residence for a few months by the great team of Diaphane.

Since then a week has passed. I am delighted to spend time with kids from 3 to 15 years old who are engaged into projects we build together. They already shot amazing photos. For my part, I am already in touch with the population, having appointments, coffees and exchanges for my personal project which will start tomorrow with the first portrait... On going....